1. Joint meeting of PCI and SPCs/RTs held on 15/04/2013 at New Delhi.

The Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) is a statutory body working under the Ministry of Health and F.W., Government of India. It is constituted under the Pharmacy Act, 1948 to regulate pharmacy education & practice of profession in the country. State Pharmacy Councils (SPCs) are constituted u/s 19 of the Pharmacy Act and are responsible for registration of pharmacist u/s 32(2) of the Pharmacy Act.

In order to have better coordination, integration and harmonization between the PCI and SPCs for effective regulation of the practice of pharmacy in the country, a meeting of the PCI with SPCs/Registration Tribunals was held on 15.4.2013.

The various issues discussed during the meeting were -

ï‚· The online Central Registration/Live register.
ï‚· Digitalization of the record by the SPCs.
ï‚· Involvement of the pharmacist in the various National Health Schemes of Govt. of India.
ï‚· Pharmacy professionals entering teaching / industry to register with SPCs.
ï‚· Strict implementation of section 42 of the Pharmacy Act vis-a-vis appointment of inspectors u/s 26A.
ï‚· Fixation of minimum wages for pharmacists.
ï‚· Deletion of obsolete Sections from the Pharmacy Act, 1948.
ï‚· Abolition of Registration Tribunal and constitution of the SPCs.
ï‚· Establishment of Drug Information Centre by the SPCs.
ï‚· NOC by SPCs in time bound manner for transfer / migration of registration.
ï‚· Functioning of SPCs.
ï‚· Creation of separate Directorate of Pharmacy Education in States.
ï‚· Dispensing of medicines by registered persons only in Govt. hospitals/institutions.
ï‚· Registration of Foreign Nationals vis-a-vis admission to Higher Pharmacy Qualification.
ï‚· Uniform fees for registration/renewal/entry of additional qualification.
ï‚· CEP for pharmacists.
The PCI has decided to hold this integration on annual basis to address the various issues concerning registration of pharmacist and practice of profession under the Pharmacy Act.*Photo Gallery

3. Visit of United States Pharmacoperia (USP), USA Delegation to PCI

The USP delegation consisting of following officials visited Council's office on 9.2.2009 -

  • ➤ Roger L. Williams: Executive Vice President & CEO, USP Headquarters
  • ➤ Angela G. Long: Vice President, Volunteer and Organizational Affairs/Executive Secretariat,USP Headquarters
  • ➤ V. Srini Srinivasan: Vice President, Verification Programs, International Sites Support, USP Headquarters
  • ➤ John P. Santell : Director, Educational Program Initiatives Pharmacopeial Education, USP Headquarters
  • ➤ William F. Koch: Chief Metrology Officer, Reference Materials Division, USP Headquarters

Dr. B.Suresh, President, PCI and Sri P.P. Sharma, Vice-President, PCI welcomed the delegation and briefed about regulation of pharmacy education & practice of profession of pharmacy under the Pharmacy Act, 1948 and introduction of Pharm.D. Programme in India from 2008-2009 academic session. The various issues like Continuing Education Programmes for pharmacist for acquisition of new skills, norms and standards for pharmacy institutions, number of pharmacy institutions and registered pharmacists in India, registration procedure, regulation of chemist shop, levels of pharmacy education in India etc. were discussed.

The delegation informed that USP standards, which are recognized worldwide, are developed by a unique process of public involvement through the contributions of volunteers representing pharmacy, medicine, and other health care professions, as well as science, academia, government, the pharmaceutical and food industries, and consumer organizations. Currently there are around 26 representatives from India and they would like to seek further assistance in the matter from India. It was a fruitful interaction in the interest of pharmacy profession.