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Total No.of Records: 4973
Research IdResearch NameResearch TopicCollege NameJournal NameJournal Publication DateFilePath
1testtest1Pharmacy Council of test213/07/2015 Download
2Dr. Kapil KalraComparative evaluatiAlpine College of MaINTERNATIONAL JOURNA09/11/2011 Download
3Dr. Kapil KalraComparative study ofAlpine College of MaINTERNATIONAL JOURNA03/04/2012 Download
4Dr. Kapil KalraEnhancement of solubAlpine College of MaINTERNATIONAL JOURNA08/03/2012 Download
5WAKURE B.S.Noninvasive cellularVilasrao Deshmukh FoTaylor & Francis Jou24/07/2015 Download
6GV ChowdaryBio Production of ArHorizon College of PInternational Journa15-02-2015 Download
7Bolay BhattacharyaStudy of synergisticGeethanjali College Annals of Biological06/06/2015 Download
8Bolay BhattacharyaCerebral Palsy-A CurGeethanjali College Central European Jou04/03/2014 Download
9Anjaneyulu NarapusetBioanalysis of riluzGeethanjali College Analytical Methods04/06/2014 Download
10Anjaneyulu NarapusetSimultaneous determiGeethanjali College Journal of Advanced 01/01/2014 Download
11Nihar Rnajn DasANALYTICAL METHOD DEK.V. Virani InstitutInt J Pharm Bio Sci04/07/2013 Download
12Nihar Rnajn DasAnalytical Method DeK.V. Virani InstitutINVENTI17/04/2013 Download
13Nihar Rnajn DasAnalytical method deK.V. Virani InstitutJPR01/05/2013 Download
14Priyanka MauryaStudy of SecnidazoleFaculty of Pharmacy,International Journa10/07/2011 Download
15Subhashis DebnathTRANSDERMAL DRUG DELSeven Hills College International Journa01/03/2013 Download
16Rishi Raj Chhetree eStudies on the hypogRegional Institute oDrug Invention Today19/06/2010 Download
17Bolay BhattacharyaALZHEIMER'S DISEASE Geethanjali College WORLD JOURNAL OF PHA29/09/2014 Download
18Shruti ShrivastavTraditional Indian HFaculty of Pharmacy,International Journa  Download
19Dr. Pankaj Kumar SonPhytochemical, ChromFaculty of Pharmacy,Pharmaceutical Biolo01/06/2015 Download
20Dr. Pankaj Kumar Son4-Thiazolidinones: tFaculty of Pharmacy,Eur. J. Med. Chem27/11/2014 Download