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[See regulations 20 (3)]


1. The Institution, where practical training is given to student pharmacists, shall from time to time, if required, furnish such information as may be needed by the Pharmacy Council of India about the staff, accommodation and equipment of the institution concerned and its working.

2. The Institution shall permit the Inspectors of the Pharmacy Council of India to inspect the premises at any reasonable time while the work is proceeding therein.

3. The Institution shall entrust some member or members of its staff, who shall be registered pharmacist (s), to look after the student pharmacists. Such members of the staff shall be responsible in this behalf to the Head of the Institution concerned.

4. The Institution shall provide such opportunity, accommodation, apparatus, materials and books of reference as may be required to enable the student pharmacist to undergo the practical training properly.

5. The number of student pharmacists that may be taken in any hospital, pharmacy and chemist and druggist and a drugs manufacturer licensed under the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945 made under the Drug and Cosmetics Act 1940 shall not exceed two where there is one registered pharmacist engaged in the working in which the student pharmacist is undergoing practical training; where there is more than one registered pharmacist similarly engaged, the number shall not exceed one for each additional such registered pharmacist.

6. The Institution wishing to be recognized under regulation 20 shall apply in writing to the Secretary, Pharmacy Council of India stating its desire, to be so recognised.

7. Having satisfied that institution shall follow the conditions laid down in these rules, the Pharmacy Council of India shall grant such recognition.

8. In the event of any question arising as to the interpretation or observance of these conditions the decision of the Pharmacy Council of India shall be final.